as some of you know, spencers boy grows things. compost, youth and soil mostly. and along the way he helps other communities grow things that are healthy and productive.  so with the help of maurice small, spencers boy will begin to explain what has happened to the black farmer in america.

the blog and reblogs will still come from various sources but the content will be based around black farmers, both national and local (midwest, cleveland, KY, youngstown, chicago etc.).

we, spencers boy and maurice small, feel the need to remind everyone of the importance of a forgotton group of people. black farmers. with that in mind we will feature varied pieces of information about native and mexican farmers also.

we are pleased that you have chosen spencers boy as your resource for compost how to’s and community building and we ask that you share what you learn here with others.  we all gotta eat.

sb and maurice small